June 23, 2012 @ 1:56 PM




These are our favorite shoes of the season.  They can go from beach to dinner, keep you cool and look cool, too.

  Made completely of  foam-injection molded EVA:

• Molds to your feet, is lightweight, washable and odor resistant
• Inspired by classic, casual silhouettes
• Zero waste injected molds
• Low energy emissions manufacturing process
• Animal by-product free 


Native shoes are animal free, waterproof, shock absorbent and washable.  No Sasquatch, unicorns, doves, jabberwoks, cows, werewolves, whales, dogs, mermaids, pigs, yeti, anteaters, cats, antelope, cobras, possums, dragons, porqupines, owls, sloths, ostrich, crocodiles, bears, mice, ......

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