September 29, 2012 @ 9:34 PM



 Here are some of my favorite things in the store right now:

860 and 212 pine scented candles made especially for J. Seitz!  One for the city and one for the country!


Lake Waramug and Greetings from Litchfield County pine scented candles. Made just for us.  A great house gift!


Large sterling skull from Paris ($160) with its own glass dome ($80).


A folded tie dye clutch.  Handmade in Brooklyn $118


"Opening Ceremony" design book by Rizzoli.  $65.


Porcelain antelope jewelry holder.  $48.


G1 down puffer vest with coordinating scarf.  In pinecone or orange.  $262.


Linea Pelle Dylan shoulder bag.  $......

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September 9, 2012 @ 11:53 AM

Indigo is different.  As a color, it is dark, mysterious and rare.  Isaac Newton spent an enormous amount of time trying to identify it in the color spectrum and ended up declaring that it was a color all its own.

In history, there has been no other color to command such a high stature as a trading commodity.  It remains relatively rare but we are thrilled that the color has made its way into enough products in our store that it seems as if we are having an indigo season. 

Indigo starts like this.  The process of extracting the color from the shrub's berries isn't an easy one.

The process was perfected in Africa, Asia and in the Mediterranean region and the rest of the world became obsessed ...

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