March 11, 2013 @ 11:18 AM

The Year of the Snake began in during February but since we live in New England, we all know that snakes don't come out until it's warmer.  Might want to rethink avoiding them entirely because the meaning of the snake has some cool things attached to it.  In Chinese lore, it means mystery as well as great acumen, divination and even the ability to distinguish herbs (a handy attribute).  A snake in the house means delight so, perhaps, snake images are good to have around.  Oh, and the snake can also indicate wealth, which we all want, of course.

We've got loads of snakey things in the store these days, and you might want to check them out.  Happiness, wealth, and knowing a good bunch of cilantro from a bad bunch are all good things, right?


1.   Fantastic snake pillow hand screened on Belgian linen.  Can't be afraid of this guy and he's even got this year's color, emerald green, in his  skin.  $195.




2.  Get a snake skin on with AG's print pants.  $175.




3.  One of our favorite indy designers makes beautiful jewelry and they know how to make a snake look good on your wrist.  Bracelets made of recycled brass at $150-198.






4.  Another Belgian linen pillow that's hand screened.  This one with double snakes.  His and her's?  $245.




5.  If you prefer your snakes softer, wrap this beautiful scarf around your neck.  Great all summer long.  From a great young designer in Paris and at $198.



6.  Have a little snake underfoot with these great French Sole ballet flats.  A great summer look.  $143.




7.  Laura Zindel is the queen of all things to do with birds, insects, animals, and yes, snakes.  Choose from cups, pitchers or platters.  Great gifts for the Year of the Snake.  Priced from $48.








8.  Bernardo thongs are amongst our most popular summer footwear.  These are fantastic and at $128.



9.  Renee Sheppard is one of our favorite jewelry designers.  Her work with pyrite and pave diamonds is incredible, and the snake clasp on this bracelet or necklace (wear it either way) is stunning.  $1250.


10.  Burn this snake for 75 hours (no kidding) and it's all soy.  $42.




11.  This snake can't bite because it's faux.  It is designed and made by one of the handbag makers today, and all of her things are completely vegan.  Putting chic into her beliefs.   A work of art to carry.  $348.