April 29, 2013 @ 9:37 AM

We are pleased to present a very special trunk show on Saturday, May 4 from 2-5 pm.    Satya Jewelry has long been one of our favorites and for more reason than its intrinsic beauty and design.  . Satya pieces are very personal objects.  Everyone finds different meaning when wearing them.  And, beyond a personal purpose they often provide, the pieces are steeped in undeniable global consciousness.

If you already know Satya, you'll want to explore new pieces.  If this is your first Satya experience, we promise you have a treat in store and enter to win a gorgeous Satya necklace while you are in the store.



Satya Scainetti and Beth Torstrick-Ward are the business partners behind Satya jewelry, but they are so much more, too. They are friends and they are believers that there are ways to heal things in this world.  Start with Satya's name.  In Sanskrit, it means truth and the two have made truth of the real forces in their business.  Because they believe that while there may be many paths, the truth is but one.  When choosing the symbols or gems they use in pieces, they hope each person finds symbolic truth for themselves. 





Satya and Beth have some other important beliefs as a part of their search for truth.  From the beginning, a portion of all proceeds from their work goes to children throughout the world.  From Thailand, to India, to the Bronx, over the ten years since they begun, they've donated more than $1 million for various children's groups.  And, they are still happily designing great pieces and still finding great places to help in this world.



The collections combine semi-precious gemstones, with either sterling or gold. Each piece is tagged so that the wearer will know the healing property of the stone and the meaning of the pendant.  There's no better place than one of their trunk shows to explore a large range of meanings and to ask questions. 




Join us on Saturday afternoon.  We'll host this terrific event out on the deck overlooking the waterfall.  Come and see what Satya has to share and learn more about this design with a purpose.