April 20, 2013 @ 3:32 PM

Spirited style is visiting J. Seitz on Saturday April 27 in more ways than one. We've restyled our menswear department to show off all the great Spring merchandise, and we're celebrating it with a single malt whiskey tasting from 4-6 p.m.

 Joining the racks of Relwen, Billy Reid, Hartford France, Lacoste and Mason's, our friends from County Wines on Route 202 will be there pouring four fine single-malt whiskeys from Scotland.  These whiskeys seem to pair beautifully with some of our favorite new merchandise. 

Two of the four whiskeys are from the small island of Islay off the Western coast of Scotland.  The island only has 3000 inhabitants but has eight distilleries producing some of the most memorable whiskeys in the country.  Usually known for heavily peated whiskey, Bruichladdish has one that's perfect for warmer weather.  The Laddie 10 year old is one of the best from this distillery, which is produced in a restored Victorian complex.  We think it goes great with this Relwen plaid shirt.

From the Northern end of Islay, Bunnahabhain sends us another lighter whiskey for this time of the year.  Their 12 year old whiskey is un-chillfiltered and with a whiff of smoke, it's a malty sweet and full-bodied addition to any aficionado's collection.  In this case, it goes well with another Relwen piece, an orange half button sweatshirt.


Moving across Scotland to the Speyside region, we will have an offering from the Tomintoul distillery.  The village is one of the highest altitudes in the Highlands and the whiskey is one of Speyside's best.  Their 16 year old is known as the gentle dram and has won big international awards with its smoothness.  It's just as smooth as either side of these Tailor Vintage shorts.  Yep, they're reversible.

Also from the Speyside region comes Abelour's 12 year old whiskey.  It's spicey, it's a little complex and you don't forget it.  Sort of like ties from The Hill-Side.  

While you'll need to go down to County Wines to purchase any of the great single malts, we do have whiskey stones in stock, and no serious whiskey drinker wants to be without them.  Keep the pure taste of your whiskey by keeping these stones in your freezer.  You'll never have an ice cube diluted drink again!