February 3, 2014 @ 2:24 PM



For Valentine's Day - that day of day for giving to those you love -  we have stocked great gifts for each and every person on your list.   Cupid has personally approved all these ideas, and even left us with some other ideas to give you when you stop into the store.  He also says to remind you that THE day is February 14th.



 Begin with the one who loved you first.  Mom card.  $5


 Organic nail polish.  Hand poured with love in NYC.  $16



 Give peace and enlightenment in the form of a Buddha snow globe.  Mesermerizing and tranquil.  $52



 Look toward Spring with Kimora's fantastic sunglasses.  $78.



 Scent is a potent reminder of the past.  Elizabeth W makes new memories.  $30





 Every girl likes her frillies.  Hanky Pankys.   $20





 Unique, eco-friendly, and so much fun.  Elliott Man clutch.  $238.









Contemporary toothpaste with a twist.  It's fun and it works!  $7.



 Keep it light and airy.  Native rubber shoes.  $58.







 Tassled  mala necklace from Satya.  This garnet one means friendship, love and guidance.   $185.







 If she love Paris, she'll love this guide to its chic side.  $29.95







 A casual tie with Booklyn panache.  By Hill-Side.  $98.







The roots of passion.  Each of the three symbols in this Satya necklace will be meaningful.  $98.







 Valentine baby?  Paige Lauren's onsie is as good as it gets.  $52.





 Come on baby light my fire.  DL & Co matches.  $8







A heart of pyrite.  Amazing to the touch and something to keep forever.  $18


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