One of Cisco Brothers best sellers. It's trim, a great size and works with both traditional and contemporary interiors.

84"w x 36"d x 28"h

Prices start at: $2865 





Cisco Brothers entry for best traditional and transitional sofas, and it's a beauty.

Available in two practical sizes:

84"w x 33"h x 38"d  

72"w x 33"h x 38"d 

Bench seat is available.

Prices start at: $3480


One of the most beautiful versions of the classic Chesterfield sofa.  Graceful lines and a comfortable untufted seat. Amazing in either leather or fabric.


80"w 38"d 33"h 

90"w 38"d 33"h 

100"w 41"d 33"h 

Prices start at: $2610


Crisp and modern yet very comfortable. Mitchell Gold's Clifton is the perfect piece when you want it all. The bench seat makes it!


72"w 36"d 34"h 

85"w 36"d 34"h 

97"w 36"d 34"h 

Prices start at: $2650

 Cisco Seda

A floppy, comfortable sofa when slipcovered or a sleek number when upholstered, and it comes either way. Cisco Brothers knows how to do it. And all those pillows!

Two sizes:

84"w x 26"d x 33"tall100"w x 31"h x 38"d 100"w x 31"h x 38"d 100"w x 31"h x 38"d  

100"w x 31"h x 38"d 

Prices start at: $2997

 MG & BW London

Traditional Engish arm style with a modern twist from Mitchell Gold.  The London works its magic by being deeply comfortable, having the perfect pitch for lounging and sporting loose seat cushions.  Wonderful in either leather or fabric.


77"w 42"d 35"h 

87"w 42"d 35"h 

97"w 42"d 35"h 

Prices start at: $2650

 Cisco Vista

The ultimate Cisco choice for a slipcovered yet clean lined sofa. Add contrasting piping for a real look!

84"w x 28"h x 36"d 

Prices start at: $2997


 MG & BW Hunter

Low, long and sleek from Mitchell Gold. The Hunter has a choice of either chrome or wooden legs to customize the look for your room.  Loose cushions also make it one of the most comfortable contemporary options around.


90"w 39"d 32"h 

100"w 39"d 32"h 

Prices start at: $2470



The most versatile piece Mitchell Gold makes! The Dominique is made for clean lines and comfort and in so many configurations.  Upholstered, slipcovered and in a myriad of sizes, this piece is the one with the options.

Basic sizes:

71"w 35"d 34"h 

79"w 35"d 34"h 

89"w 35"d 34"h 

Prices start at: $2160



Alexa II

Possibly, Mitchell Gold's most popular sofa. It's comfortable, has classic lines and comes with a very affordable price tag. Get it slipcovered or upholstered in a variety of pieces and sizes.

Basic sizes:

77"w 36"d 38"h 

83"w 36"d 38"h 

93"w 36"d 38"h 

Prices start at: $2040





 Alexa II Sectional

The quintessential classic sofa in sectional form. Mitchell Gold styling with comfortable box cushions and skirted with a drop welt detail. Designed with comfort and affordability in mind. High-density, high-resiliency foam core cushions assure all over comfort.  
There are numerous sizing possibilities and configurations!
Prices start at: $3040



 Alex  Sectional

A Mitchell Gold basic! Clean, current and comfortably modern. Track arms & clean lines define comfortable smaller-scale pieces that fit in anywhere. A highly flexible group of pieces to choose from.  

Get it slipcovered, upholstered in either leather or fabric. 

Prices starting at: $3900





Clifton Sectional

Mitchell Gold makes it all come together with the Clifton. Super-slim arms on these crisp-looking modern pieces, set on sleek wood bases.  Imagine the many sectional configurations you can create. The numerous sizes mean you can create a simple standalone piece or a complicated, room filling seating arrangement.

Prices start at: $4990


 Cisco Seda Sectional

Cisco's most comfortable pieces with options! Get it upholstered or slipcovered. Your choice!

Armless Bumper: 72"w x 31"h x 38"d

Armless Bumper: 84"w x 31"h x 38"d


One Arm: 72"w x 31"h x 38"d

One Arm: 84"w x 31"h x 38"d

Prices start at: $5835




 Renata Sectional

Clean contemporary lines from this Cisco sectional. Contrasting piping and big, floppy pillows turn it into lounging comfort.


111"w x 90"d  x 30"h

Priced starting at: $5997




 Cosmo Sectional

An upholstered sectional from Cisco that's clean lined, and works beautifully with transitional and modern designs. Great for smaller rooms and apartments in the city.


100"w x 84"d x  28"h

Priced starting at: $5997



 Cisco Vista Sectional

Cisco's perfect sectional. Trim, tight and very comfortable.


100"w x 84"d  x 28"h

Prices starting at: $5997





MG & BW Felix and Felix Swivel

Mitchell Gold's exceptionally comfortable classic square-arm chair is sized to fit well even in compact spaces. It is our best selling swivel chair, too. Comes with block legs or a swivel and is fabulous in either leather or fabric. 


31"w x 33"d x 32"h 

Felix prices starting at: $1270

Felix swivel prices starting at: $1460



John Derian Butterfly Chair

A compact, modified wingback from Cisco and John Derian. Not only a beautiful chair but one that fits. Not your oversized wingback! Get it in a beautiful Derian linen or pick from Cisco's other options.


26"w x 28"d x 37"h

Prices start at: $2145


 Cisco Vista Mini

The most comfortable small chair on the market today and from Cisco.  This little chair packs a lot of punch and even big guys love its comfort factor. Whether for an apartment in the city or the country, this slipcovered beauty fits any where at all.


28"w x 30"d x 28"h

Prices start at: $1725 



 Cisco Seda Armless

Cisco's counterpart to their successful Seda line, this armless chair works beautifully either upholstered or slipcovered. We love the slipcovered version!


29"w x 36"d  x 30"h 

Prices start at: $1605




Slip covered or upholstered, Cisco's modified and modernized wingback is one terrific chair. Most customers vote it one of the most comfortable chairs they've ever sat in!


29"w x 39"d x  37"h

Prices start at: $2610



MG & BW Gloria 

Mitchell Gold elegant styling without compromising  on comfort. Keep a Gloria nearby just in case someone chooses to pull-up in the conversation or for bedrooms. Gloria can be slipcovered for easy care and versatility.   


24"w x 30"d x 35"h 

Prices start at: $1070



Smaller, elegant and comfort plus. This Cisco chair works with any style. Antique brass nailheads put extra polish on it. For a more traditional look, do it up in leather!


28"w x 29"d  x 31"h

Prices start at: $2220




Either slipcovered or upholstered, Cisco's Rebecca chair is nothing if not one of the most comfortable chairs in any home. Higher arms, soft cushioning, and the option for a swivel make it one of the go to chairs for media rooms, dens, and the quinessential reading chair.


30"w x 35"d  x 28"h

Prices start at: $1785





A classic traditional chair. It's beautiful slipcovered or upholstered.


30"w x 38"d x 33"h

Prices start at: $2250 




Sleek, modern and amazing. A heavy yet trim metal base with only three legs. Upholstered in natural linen.


30.5"w x 27"d x 30"h 

Priced at: $2795






Fine, straight lines with narrow arms make the Cosmo from Cisco one of the love seats providing the most amount of acutal seat space.  Perfect when you only have room for a love seat but need a sofa.


66"w x 36"d x 28"h

Prices starting at: $3090 




Cisco Crescent

Nailheads standard, bench seat standard, and one great love seat.  From Cisco, it's one of our most popular.


53"w x 30"d x 30.5"h

Prices starting at: $2940 



Uncle Jim

This Cisco piece is actually classified as a double chair, but it falls into the love seat size category. A traditional wingback offering, it's that small sofa you were searching for.


50"w x 35"d x 38"h

Prices start at: $3705 



Alexa Studio Sofa

Whether a part of the Love Alexa program with their wash and dry slipcovers or upholstered in a high grade fabric, the Alexa love seat from Mitchell Gold is one of those decorating essentials. It works everywhere.


61"w x 36"d x 38"h 

Prices start at: $1830


Alex Studio Sofa

A more modern Mitchell Gold essential. The Alex is comfortable and practical! Get it from the affordable Love Alex program or upholster it.


57"w x 35"d x 35"h 

Prices start at: $1830

Dromedary by John Derian

A most elegant little sofa from Cisco Brothers range of John Derian furniture.

Available either slipcovered or upholstered.

56"w x 26"d x 33"h

Prices start at: $3225 2685    

Luccia Double Chair

More loveseat than chair, the Luccia has elegant tufting, a bench seat and is nice and deep. 


60"w x 38"d x 35"h

Prices start at: $3405 



Ottomans and Benches




The Mitchell Gold Rocco features button tufting on top and sides. A great accent piece and we've used them for game table seating as well as extra places at the dinner table. They go everywhere! 



19"w x 19"d x 20"h 

Prices start at: $760


Cisco knows how to make a pouf. It doesn't quish down because it's truly a chair and built to be one. Cover one from leather or from a fabric, and you've got a piece you'll love for years.


26"dia x 18"h 

20"dia x 15"h 

43"dia x 18"h 

Prices start at: $735



John Derian Field Bench

From Cisco, this bench is 72" of pure beauty. The tufted back and seat sitting on top of turned legs is stunning. It is also available without a back! Choose from selected Derian fabrics or opt for one of Cisco's own.


72"w x 27"d x 22"(arm height) 

108"w x 27"d x 22"(arm height) 

Prices start at: $3750

Fennel Ottoman

Whether in leather, linen or one of Cisco's more exotic prints, this tufted ottoman is amazing, and a great addition to any traditional room.


30"w x 24"d x 17"h

Prices start at: $1080 


Duncan Bench

Clean and modern, the Mitchell Gold Duncan ottoman is as stylish as it is functional. Duncan features optional nailheads that outline the base of the cushion along with welting details that outline the top. Brushed metal base enclosed on all sides adds to Duncan’s modern flare. We've done it in hide, leather and in fabric and any of them look amazing. 
60"w x 24"d x 19"h 
42"w x 42"d x 19"h 
20"w x 20"d x 19"h 
Prices start at: $1150







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