50 most influential People

50 most influential People

Litchfield's artists, philanthropists, conservationists, restaurateurs, and more

These hills are filled with talent and money and dedicated community spirit. We have among us great artists and shop owners, non-profit organizers and big-money philanthropists. They use their time, talent, and resources to improve this corner of paradise and to weave a certain charm into the fabric of Litchfield County.

 Oscar de La Renta

One of the world’s leading fashion designers, he is a consummate host and supporter of local organizations. 

Henry and Nancy Kissinger
This most famous international diplomat and magnetic socialite wife host soirées in their Kent home, while providing goodwill community gestures. 

Joanna Seitz
A leading purveyor of lifestyle design, J. Seitz & Co. has made New Preston a shopping destination.

Jill Clayburgh
An acclaimed actress, she brings her fame and talents to support the arts in the region, where she lives with husband and playwright David Rabe.

Sam Waterston
With a trail of acting honors, he has led “Law & Order” by night and raised cows by day on his Cornwall farm.

Anne Bass

Philanthropist living in South Kent, she directed a documentary “Dancing Across Borders,” which tells the story of her experience helping a young Cambodian dancer Sy Sar pursue a career. Her fundraising and community organizing skills are legendary.

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